A Short Story: The Story Of Tintin And Snowy

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Tintin, a teenage reporter, and his dog, Snowy, are walking on a sidewalk when Snowy starts searching a trash can and gets his nose caught in an empty tin of crab meat. Tintin scolds Snowy for not being careful, throws the can back into the trash, and continues walking down the sidewalk until he unexpectedly meets up with two police detectives, Thomson and Thompson. The two detectives share a current case with Tintin of a drowning victim who was found with a few items such as counterfeit coins and a scrap of paper that is missing from the tin can Snowy caught his nose on earlier. After the group searches the trash can for the tin without success, Tintin and Snowy pass by a Japanese man who asks a transient why Tintin was looking through the trash and learns that he was searching for a tin of crab meat. Back at Tintin’s flat, he inspects the scrap of paper to find the word “Karaboudjan” scrawled on the back. Directly after, Tintin hears screams from downstairs and looks out the window to find a car driving away which had just kidnapped the Japanese man seen earlier. The next morning, Tintin receives a phone call from one of the detectives stating that the drowned man was identified as Herbert Dawes, a crew member of the cargo ship, Karaboudjan. Tintin investigates the ship and is knocked out and tied up in a locked room by a syndicate of criminals aboard the ship after a failed attempt to drop a heavy box on him. After the ship departs, Tintin is freed from his room after

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