Short Story: This Time She Went Too Far

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Kirsten Day English 8-11

Date: 1/31/18 Short Story

This Time She Went Too Far

It was almost 9:00 in the morning and Maggie and her family were driving to California, because Maggie 's father had lost his job in Chicago. Maggie sat in the backseat of her family’s old. The car didn’t have any air conditioning in it so she was dying of heat. Maggie had long brown curly hair that she put in a ponytail everyday because it was always all over the place. She had blue eyes, and tan skin. She stared out the window as her dad stopped at a red light.

“Dad, why do we have to move to California, when you could’ve gotten a new job in Chicago?” Said Maggie.

“Because, if I didn’t get a job soon our water and electricity would be shut off because we weren’t paying the bills on time. So we are going to go live with Grandma and Grandpa for a while until I get a job.”

“But I don’t want to live in California. I liked going to school in Chicago, it’s where all of my friends are and where my teachers are.” Maggie told her dad as she fixed her ponytail.

“Well, Maggie sometimes you don’t always get what you
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When she walked over to her bed she saw that her wizard hat and her white cloak and her wizard staff that she used for her Halloween costume one year ago was still on her bed. She put the hat and cloak on, and to her surprise the cloak was still big on her and the hat was almost covering her eyes. She took the hat and cloak off and started to unpack her suitcase when she heard a loud bang downstairs. The bang sounded like when a car crashed into another car. She started running down the stairs, her heart was racing. All she thought about was, what happened? When she got downstairs, her mom was sitting next to her Grandma… Her grandma was lying on the

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