Tony Turre In Anthony's The Pond

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Tony Turry is a Pauper, living in a placid neighborhood known as The Pond, Tony lives on the good side of The Pond, but still has a sullen homestead, with bad smells, no water, and some old chinese food from who knows where. Tony realized that if he did not take action he would soon be evicted and needed to do something, his resume was good, but nobody wanted to hire a depressed worker, they want an elated attitude and a welcoming personality, two things Tony lacked. He never gets calls from his family and only has one friend in his area, Buk Lau, he owns a chinese restaurant near the lakefront. Tony keeps a vigilant eye on all the passers of his house, “the teens always seen enthralled about what’s inside my house”. Maybe this was just Tony…show more content…
He realizes that it's just another kid, a really big, smelly kid, when Tony sees him the kid puts a note on the window that reads… “Abandoned bus on the outskirts of town, tomorrow after noon, be there” - Jimmy G.
Tony has now been filled with a strange feeling of hope and horror, he knows there is a gang in The Pond, but he does not know where, or why they are here, he just hopes he's still alive tomorrow night. TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.
Tony has had very vivid nightmares in which every night they try to depreciate how Tony sees himself, to belittle and upset Tony. But after a long and disconsolate night for tony, which is sadly normal for him, he puts on his only
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The Commander's name was Knuckles,he was very haughty and charismatic. Or in better words, he was a debonair, and he only spoke a few words that tony could understand, and the rest were clicks that were translated by his new friend, Jimmy G. “Do you know da wae?” ‘click’ click ’ click’, spoke the commander, Jimmy G saw tony was confused and prompted to translate, “We look for more friends to join our cause brudda, join us in finding da wae”. Tony thought in his head again that commander had a very eccentric ways of communicating. Jimmy G told him that the commander could no longer speak his mind but Jimmy G understood what he wanted him to do with tony, Jimmy G informed Tony they’ll be soon trying to hack and rob the brand new bank across the river from them. Near Tony's house and when Tony said this out loud, the subliminal message of actually committing a crime, his heart sank and he had to throw up, but he knew it was too late to revoke his affiliation with the crew. He finished vomiting and was greeted by the Commander, Knuckles, very Jovial, he did his ‘click ‘ click ‘ click’ “hello my bruddas, we must go into the building and spit on them, and they will not like it, I tell you that”. Jimmy G tanslates. “We must rob the banks of their corrupt goverment funds and stirp them of their digintity! And we will scare them into telling us where the queen is”.

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