Animal Friendships And Relationships

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Do you think a dog could care and feed a litter of kittens after just having puppies? There are various of strange friendships and relationships between animals found in nature or just normal house pets. Mostly, animals that live in the wilderness or just house pets become friends for various reasons. They build friendships and relationships because they need to get food, care for each other, or they become friends because they just built up a strong friendship over the years if there is more than one animal in a household. If an animal can build relationships and friendships, so can a dog that is trying to raise a litter of kittens on her own after just having puppies. The dog can learn to nurture and feed a litter kittens after having puppies…show more content…
This is because in the passage "Animal Roles and Relationships" it shows how the hermit crab and the sea anemone work together to find food in order to survive in sea where their natural predators lurk just waiting to attack them. In the passage it stated, " In exchange for the free ride, the anemones protect the crabs from octopuses and other predators."This quote shows that the two animals help each other in order to survive in the sea. The author stated, " Sea anemones also get free food by eating the leftovers from hermit crab fare." In this quote it tells how the sea anemones and the hermit crab help each other to get food in their ocean environment. In the passage "Unusual Animal Friendships" it talks about two different species of animals named Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the dog. In the passage it talks about how Suryia the orangutan would not eat or interact with people or animals. In the text it stated, "They sleep, eat, and play together every day." This quote shows that after they became friends Suryia would then start to interact with others and start to eat. The author stated, "Although nobody would expect an orangutan and a dog to be inseparable, they are truly a perfect pair." This how a dog could be able to feed the litter of kittens just like she feeds her newborn
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