A Short Summary: Animal Welfare And Human Welfare

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Ever since domestication, which is the taming of an animal for domestic uses, was introduced in the Neolithic era, humans have taken an interest in caring for the safety of animals. Animal husbandry at that time was carried out frequently and animals were domesticated in order to aid in processes such as ploughing and they were treated as pets and sources of food. Practices like these were a result of Man 's respect for animals, and this developed an ethic, which compelled human beings to think about the wellbeing of the animals that they were going to use for their own benefits first. The ethic went something like this: “If we take care of the animals, the animals will take care of us," which suggest that humans have a bond with animals and that we depend on each other to attain the benefits that we desire.…show more content…
This is known as animal and human welfare. This ethic still carries on in our modern society, however, because we live in an era that is technologically advanced, this ethic on animal welfare and the human-animal bond is challenged. We are allowed to put animals into environments that could harm their welfare, such as in research experiments and factory farming. As much as animals are intelligent and sentient, human welfare still takes more priority than animal welfare, which is the thesis for this essay. The reasons for why human welfare is more important than animal welfare, which are because of how the dependence of humans on animals does not allow both species to be treated equally and how animal welfare cannot be achieved without humans, shall be discussed in this

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