Data Mining Vs Big Data Analysis

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Big Data vs Data Mining

1. Introduction
What is Big Data?
Big Data refers to huge volume of data that can be structured, semi-structured and unstructured. It comprises of 5 Vs i.e.
a. Volume: It refers to amount of data or size of data that can be in quintillion when comes to big data.
b. Variety: It refers to different types of data like social media, web server logs etc.
c. Velocity: It refers to how fast data is growing, data is exponentially growing and at a very fast rate.
d. Veracity: It refers to uncertainty of data like social media means if the data can be trusted or not.
e. Value: It refers to the data which we are storing and processing is worth and how we are getting benefit from this huge amount of data.

Big data can be analyzed
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Mining different types of Knowledge in databases
b. Handling noise and incomplete data
c. Efficiency and scaling of data mining algorithms
d. Handling relational and complex types of data
e. Protection of data security, integrity and privacy

2. Data Mining and Big Data Comparison

Feature Data Mining Big Data
Focus It mainly focusses on lots of details of a data It mainly focusses on lots of relationships between data
View It is a close up view of data It is the Big Picture of data
Data It expresses what about the data It expresses Why of the data
Volume It can be used for small data or big data It refers to large amount of data sets
Definition It is a technique for analyzing data It is a concept than a precise term
Data Types Structured data, relational and dimensional database. Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured data (in NoSQL)
Analysis Mainly Statistical Analysis, focus on prediction and discovery of business factors on small scale. Mainly data analysis, focus on prediction and discovery of business factors on large scale.
Results Mainly for strategic decision making Dashboards and predictive measures

3. Key
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Main concept in Data Mining is to dig deep into analyzing the patterns and relationships of data that can be use further in Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis etc. But main concept in Big Data is the source, variety, volume of data and how to store and process this amount of data.
Analyzing of Big data to give a business solution or to make a business definition plays a crucial role to determine

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