A Short Summary: Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

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1 Khand Diya Professor Sharifian GOVT-2305-73431 11th Feb 2018 Civil rights and Civil Liberties “It is a fair summary of constitutional history that the landmarks of our liberties have often been forged in cases involving not very nice people” (www.ushistory.org). However, the role that they played are the result of many civil rights and civil liberties that Americans enjoy today. 2 Civil rights and civil liberties are kind a same but holding a different values and terms. Both of these words come across as being the declaration of Independence and the bill of rights. But, both refer to the different kinds of rights and guarantees. 3 Civil liberties are protections against governmental actions. For example, every citizen has his or her own right to enjoy and choose whatever religion they want. For this Government cannot intervene the freedom of religion that one wants to enjoy. 4 On contrary, civil rights are the positive actions that government should take to maintain harmony and equality among all the citizens. Since, the long run of civil rights has always been associated with the freedom of African American, immigrants and of course women. Hence, the government always tries to balance between the majority and minority group by providing equal rights so that both the group equally enjoy their freedom of civil rights.
For the regulation of both the civil rights and civil liberties, the courts have always played a major role. While nationalizing the bill of rights

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