A Short Summary Essay: Violence Against Women In India

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“Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation. But it is not inevitable, we can put a stop to this”, Nicole Kidman, Hollywood Actress
Domestic violence is not anything that cannot be reduced or diminished. It may be difficult to completely eradicate the practice, but this is no reason to stop from trying to put our best efforts forward to prevent as much harm as possible. At least through such efforts the plight of some women may come to an end and maybe it helps in improving the life of many more women in their households. In most of the cases, the women do not come forward to complain against the perpetrators of violence. It should not be forgotten that the women in India are not mentally prepared to take advantage of even the existing reliefs available to them under the law of the country. This is because of the fact that they want to preserve their marriage at any cost, even at the cost of life-long abusive situation . The silence may be due to any number of reasons but this silence is what instigates the perpetrators to go ahead without worrying
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The first and foremost suggestion is the education of the girl child in the family. There is no question of the fact that an educated person brings in a lot of difference when compared with an illiterate one. Same is the case with the female members of the family. Education means bringing enlightenment into the lives of the girls as well as the lives of other family members. Through education, the girl can achieve aplenty, and she can enable herself to live a life of dignity. Also, with the help of awareness, the women can take care not only of herself but of others as well. She becomes aware of the rights she has and also learns how to fight for those rights. The education of the girl child, either inside or outside the house, has to include what she needs to learn regarding the above mentioned rights. The female sex in the country needs to be illuminated with the true value and power they

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