Gender Inequality In Hindu Myth

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Gender Inequality The society is embodied with the culture in which men and women have been segregated. The rules and norms set up by the patriarchal society which makes women inferior or weaker to men which in result give rise to gender biased society which turn men and women [sex] into masculine and feminine [Gender]. The word gender is not natural but man-made. According to Narayan, a woman has to discharge the duties of a wife and a mother for her role in life to be self-fulfilling because he firmly believes in the old school of thought. The name of the protagonist itself reflects the glimpse of Hindu mythology. As in Hindu mythology Savitri is a woman who sacrifices everything, including her own life, to save her husband’s life and considered…show more content…
While on the other hand the character of Shanta Bai who attracts Ramani towards herself to promote her own personal interests and in return Ramani is also interested in all that things. On the contrary with Savitri the happiness or unhappiness of the house depends purely on his mood. One of the incident in the novel shows this point as in the days of Navatri everyone is busy in decorating their houses and celebrating the festival. In all this Babu, the son of Savitri, tries to add some lightings to enhance the beauty of the house But in the evening, as he puts on the switch, the electrical connection fuses and the house is filled with darkness. When Ramani comes home he thrashes his son like any short-tempered middle class father. When Savitri comes to Babu’s rescue, Ramani orders her to confine herself to the kitchen, that is the place where a woman is supposed to spend her life. Being unable to bear her son mercilessly beaten, she resents within herself. So in the end the women has the only options to face the reality; the reality of the dominance and superiority of the male, to accept the reality that there is only a male world in which if a woman wants to exist she has to follow certain rules and norms set up by them and led a life of silent

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