The Charge: Genocide Analysis

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One time when two of friends were really angry at each other, I stepped in to try and solve the problem. In “Armed and Underaged” by Jeffrey Gettleman and “The Charge: Genocide” by Lydia Polgreen, both have severe problems in countries that other countries need to get involved to try solve. First, children are placed and war and adults think it’s fine. Second, the black African muslims are being attacked by arab africans muslims and they thinks it’s fine. However, other might that those countries should solve their problems on their own.
First of all, children are being used as perfect weapons. For example, According to Mr. Gettleman,” While the number of conflicts involving child soldiers has dropped since 2004 from 27 to 15, human-rights
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For instance, Mrs. Polgreen writes, “Since 2003, the United Nations estimates that at least 300,000 civilians have been killed in Darfur” Basically, the arab african muslims don’t like the black african muslims, because of that the arab african muslims are killing the black african muslims in great amount of numbers. Moreover, other countries should help them because I don’t think people want to just see a culture or group of people being massacred for just having differences. Hence, other countries should get involved in countries business because they can’t just watch thousands of black african muslims killed. In addition, Mrs. Polgreen states, “This conflict pits black Africans against Arab Africans. (Both groups are Muslim.)...The government responded by turning loose the janjaweed. On horses and camels, they have stormed black villages, setting fire to huts, stealing cattle, and raping and killing villagers.” In other words, Arab africans are completely destroying the homes and invading space of the black africans. Similarly, this reminds me of the Holocaust of 1933, the reason of this being that the natzi were destroying homes of many jewish just like arab africans destroying home of black africans. Thus, why would the world want history to repeat itself. Hence, other countries should step in to help and solve this problem of the black africans being attacked, because they also have rights to live and believe what they want. Finally, Mrs. Polgreen says, “Bashir has scoffed at arrest warrants the court has already issued for two other Sudanese officials, and thousands of Sudanese have staged massive demonstrations in Khartoum on Bashir's behalf.” This highlights, how president of Sudan thinks its okay for the arb africans to attack black africans. This problem of people it’s okay to attack other or to use other is not okay and other countries shouldn't just watch them get killed and do
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