A Short Summary: Sex Workers And Sex Work

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Sex Workers and Sex Worker Stories Nowadays, some people engaging in the prostitution industry do not prefer to be called as prostitutes, they now prefer to be called as “sex workers”. These sex workers are now lobbying for their rights as workers. In Baguio, these kind of sex workers have a group and is actively participating on HIV awareness campaigns, women's right campaigns, and LGBT parade. Some members of these groups are sexual entertainers at the Monroe and Hercules club, while some are comedians at some Comedy bar in the City. They said that lobbying for their rights is not easy since not all people understand that their kind of prostitution is not forced, rather it is what they want to do because it is what they are good at. There is also an uprising movement of the sex workers in Kolkata. In Swati Ghosh’s article, “Empowerment of Sex Workers: A Kolkata Experience”, the movement for sex workers rights is moving towards success as they are now on drafting the rights and the good thing about it is that the sex workers are part of the drafting and decision making (Ghosh 2006, 1289). The sex workers seek to be equal with other workers and…show more content…
There is a high demand of the sex workers to choose their clientle, and the right to refuse when they do not want to do what they client asks. Sex workers refuse to reject those which they think are rude, disrespectful, unhealthy, and violent. They also demand the fundamental right to choose which services they will offer. (McClintock 1993). In contrast to what the majority believe, sex is not the most common service that the prostitution clientele requests; hand and oral sex is (McClintock

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