Why Is Slavery And Human Trafficking Is Wrong

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Task 1- The issue
• Slavery refers to when people are forced into circumstances against their will. Men, women and children all around the world are taken advantaged of for a wide range of purposes. These include forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic enslavement and forced soldiers. Human trafficking is the action of illegally recruiting, transporting a person(s) from one place to another and the trade of humans for the purpose of slavery. This process of human trafficking involves coercion, force, fraud, deceit.

There are women are forced into prostitution. People forced to work in agriculture, labour and domestic work. Children in factories producing goods sold globally. Entire families forced to work
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As the purpose of social justice is having fair and just relations between the individual and society. However, slavery and human trafficking completely disregards this. It imprisons a person physically and mentally, and robs their human dignity. It prays on the vulnerable and destroys a person’s trust in humanity. Slavery and human trafficking is wrong, it is morally, legally, spirituality, ethically wrong. Everyone should morally be treated fairly and with justice.
“Today, given the worldwide dimension which the social question has assumed, this love of preference for the poor, and the decisions which it inspires in us, cannot but embrace the immense multitudes of the hungry, the needy, the homeless, those without medical care and, above all, those without hope of a better future”. - Pope Paul II

What Catholic Social Teaching and Papal Statements are applicable to this issue and why?
The trade in humans is a shocking offense against human rights and dignity. Situations like this are an insult to the fundamental values of a person. The increase in human trafficking and slavery is one of the social, political and economic
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Before researching about this topic, I actually knew that slavery and human trafficking did exist. However I had no idea it was such a big issue. Learning about this topic makes me heartbroken as there are innocent people and even girls like me trafficked and forced into slavery. Happening right now all around the world. Millions are suffering from the depravity and immorality of people. Slavery and trafficking is so wrong in so many levels. I could never imagine the pain, mentally and physically of being a slave. Having your freedom taken away, being torn away from your family.
Every single person on earth should be treated with basic dignity and basic human rights. Learning about slavey encourages me to do whatever I can, even the least like spreading the message about this topic to help innocent lives around the globe. And wishing they recover and build themselves up to be the person they were before.
Human trafficking and slavery is an awful crime against the basic dignity and rights of the human person. All efforts must be used to put an end to it. In the end, we must work together as society, community, school to eliminate the root causes and markets that allow traffickers to thrive, to make survivors of this crime; and to ensure that, one day, slavey and human trafficking vanishes from the face of the
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