A Short Summary Of Moonshadow

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The story opens in China 1903, moonshadow is 7 years old. Moonshadows mother keeps on warning him that the land of demons is a harmful place. Grandfather was lynched when he was in the land of the demons and filled. Moonshadows dad is very creative and creates kites which he only lets his son Moonshadow fly them. Moonshadow always thought the land of the demons as fields, more fertile, sick was finer, and rice was sweeter but it was never like that. Grandmother didn’t want Moonshadow to leave because he could be killed just like Grandfather. Moonshadow has never in his life seen his Grandfather because he left to the land of the demon’s. At the end of the chapter Moonshadow decides to go. Uncle Bright star and Moonshadow examine one other. Uncle…show more content…
throughout the day Uncle and Windrider talk too Moonshadow in english as much as they can, reference the demon magazine and newspaper. In school with the other Tang kids, Moon shadow learns about the chinese classics.Moonshadow works sixteen hours a day. Kinds of puts the task of reading this book.The job Moonshadow likes the best is delivering and picking up laundry for customers. Uncle worries that Moonshadow will get hurt by leaving the Tang headquarters. But Windrider insisted that he is ready.At this point Moonshadow has been in America for a month. Uncle Bright Star tries to figure out how he'll pay back the money Black Dog stole. He claims that the Whiskey Devil, The head of the justices, owes him a favor from a while back, so he doesn't have to pay him that much. The company all voted to share the cost with Uncle Bright Star, despite his grumbling. Windrider brings him back. He returns to the company stinking of opium. Since Moonshadow is now in the double digits in 10 years old in demon time. He is assigned the role of collecting overdue bills in the tang village where he lives. Moonshadow wakes up in the company with Windrider hovering over
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