A Silent Voice Summary

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A silent voice by Yoshitoki Ōima, The book starts off with a new girl who went to a new school but when she was introducing herself to the class she wrote down on a notebook saying that she is deaf and hopes to get to know everyone and if people want to talk to her just write on her notebook. The teacher was telling people to read some sentence on the book he tells this one girl to speak up and then when he called on the deaf girl she tried to speak and the teacher called on someone else and it was a boy who hated her he made fun of how she was talking. There was some reason that the boy hated her reason 1 was that she gave him the creeps and reason 2 was that she dragged everyone else down with here her the third reason was that they all got tired of dealing with her. In choir she tried to sing but everyone could not sing well…show more content…
Everyday went by and everyone was having a great time because they came up with a new game it was taking the hearing aids and breaking them. One day the teacher had brought in the principle the principle said “if anyone knew who was it” everyone was quite the the principal said “that out of the hearing aids they broke that the total money will have to pay is $14,500 dollars and if someone turns himself in right now the school will pay for it and if no one turns then self in that they would leave the investigation to the police. The teacher then yelled the student 's name then said “IT WAS YOU WASN 'T IT?! STAND UP”. He did not stand up the class president then stand up then tells the principal and teacher that he took and broke all the hearing
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