A Single Shard

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In the book, A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park, it discusses a vagrant named Tree-ear, who lives in twelfth century Korea. Tree-ear lives under the bridge in Ch 'ulp 'o with a man which he considers as family, which is Crane-man. After a few while, he goes to a journey which can change his entire life. The three occasions that most affected Tree-ear were his torment nine days of punishment from Min , his receiving words of wisdom from Crane-man and his journey to Songdo. The nine-days of discipline was suffocating for Tree-ear. He couldn 't stand to stay at Min 's home at the same time, in the wake of acknowledging why he was at Min 's home, he persevered. Tree-ear had discovered that buckling down was advantageous for himself and Crane-man, since he was picking stuff from the trash loads. As he worked for Min, Min 's wife had gotten sustenance for him and Crane-man to eat. Working for Min offered him some assistance with becoming dynamic. He was caught up with cutting trees for Min and working for him, it made him get to be included in physical endeavors. When he had time, he would watch Min make pottery, which offered him some assistance with increasing his enthusiasm for earthenware. The day after the nine days of discipline has finished, he had gone by Min 's home to check whether he can work for him and he helps Min to make a…show more content…
The words of wisdoms which Crane-man has taught Tree-ear was a vast impact for him. The principle useful tidbits which Crane-man tells Tree-ear is 'Taking and asking improve a man no than a canine. ' One morning when Tree-ear goes on his examination to seek from the trash stacks, he understands that an agriculturist 's jiggeh
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