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When writing or reading a book or a movie, ever think about how much past experiences can shape a person’s behavior and attitude? Well, it greatly affects the shaping of a person’s behavior and attitude. In A Single Shard, by Linda Sue Park, Tree-ear is an orphan whose parents had died from fever when he was very young. Being raised up by Crane-man, his foster father, Tree-ear did not learn a lot about his real parents. Because of this, he will want to do anything to learn more about them. Linda Sue Park says that whenever Crane-man tells Tree-ear about the story of how he had arrived to live with him, Tree-ear hoped that maybe Crane-man would tell him a little more about his parents. Also, Linda said that Min told Tree-ear that he couldn’t teach Tree-ear how to make pottery because he wasn’t Min’s son. Tree-ear often asks…show more content…
Because of this, he will feel even more insistent on finding more about his parents. He will think that it was not his fault that he was the orphaned one. And it more wasn’t his fault that Min lost his son. Without knowing his or her own past experiences with their parents, they will want to learn more about their parents, wanting to know why they abandoned them. Not necessarily in Tree-ear’s situation, but all the same, they will want to know more about their parents no matter what. If they already knew, they won’t really try hard in finding about their parents and basically in life.

In conclusion, past experiences help shape a person’s attitude and behavior excessively. Without knowing anything about your past experiences will make you more determined in life. But if you already knew about your past experiences, you will probably be very discouraged in everything you do. Sometimes not learning about your past might do you good deeds. How much do YOU think past experiences can shape a person’s attitude and
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