A Single Speech: The Danger Of A Single Story

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‘’The danger of a single story’’ By Chimamanda Adichie Reflection on the Ted-Talk video series ‘’The danger of a Single Story’’. By Chimanmanda Adichie. Studium Excellence, Eye on Africa – Semester 2, year 2014-2015 Professor: Ms, Carol Conover Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Written by Naznin Musa Student. Nr. : 500696547 ‘’Danger of a Single Story.’’ Introduction During one of EoA classes we watched a TED talk series video where speaker Miss Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian writer and storyteller, gave her inspiring speech about ‘The danger of a single story’. Miss Ngozi Adichie focused on the key principle that misconception begin when there is only one perspective of people being told, the danger of this is that it forms and keeps stereotypes intact and leads an unjustifiable misrepresentation of a large group of people, country and continent, how misconceptions are formed of Africa and its people; as in that they all are the same She further explains why it is important not to believe or form general opinions based on a single story. Unfortunately misconceptions and wrong assumptions are still apparent , I have witnessed this a couple of times during class of Eye on Africa, it is sad to come to realization that in today’s age misconception is very apparent and existing. The fact that among us are people who believe Africa is a not separate country and has different cultures indicates how ignorant and misinformed people that realize too
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