A Singular Community

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1. What is a singular community? What are the advantages of studying mortality in a singular community?

A singular community is a community formed by a single group of people that resides in a distinctive community and environment. By studying mortality in this type of community makes it easier for researchers to study ecological, and biotic factors that might affect a human’s health.

2. Briefly describe the history of leprosy and flu on Easter Island.

Leprosy, was brought into contact with the islanders from the French Polynesia in about the 19th century. That would go on and affect about 7% of the population. By 1917, houses to quantitate people with this disease was established. Mortality was so high that in 1976 it became an agricultural
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That signifies 35.9% out of the 749 death know during these two periods. During the 1937 to 1996 was the only time infant death rates were calculated, becausethe majority of the people on Rapanui practiced Catholicism, thus it recorded annul birth through baptism. What they found was during this period was the average deaths per 1,000 was 70.63, 34.65 endogenous related death and 35.97 exogenous related deaths. The table shows that mortality in births have fallen in both periods we are looking at, 1937 to 1965, 111.92 death per 1,000, to 41.95 deaths per 1,000 in 1966 to 1996.
6. Compare the two time periods in terms of causes of death (text, Tables 7 and 8, Figure 4).

From 1914 to 1965 the main cause of death was infectious diseases, resulting in about 23.1% of the deaths recorded. What they found that stood out the most that it was Leprosy, which killed 432 people, which is 12.7% during the first period. Infectious diseases are the likely causes for death in humans ranging from15 - 49 years of age. Accidental causes are higher in the 5-14 age group, and respiratory and digestive problems killed more infants under one years old than any other disease. The 50+ group suffered from diseases resulting from Neoplasm and circulatory systems.

7. Did Easter Island experience an epidemiological transition? Provide support for your

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