A Sinner's Journey In 'Anthem' By Ayn Rand

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A Sinner’s Journey Anthem a dystopian fiction, by Ayn Rand takes place in what seems like the future. Equality 7-2521 is surrounded by plain old buildings, in which contain certain types of councils. Equality bent the rules, he was different and did not know how be like his brothers. Thinking alone and thinking outside the box were prohibited. When Equality and International 4-8818 went out one day they stepped upon a underground tunnel, and for the first time experiencing the works of electricity. Running into a problem he soon finds himself in the Uncharted Forest, unsure of what to do while alone. During his time of exploring he is found by the Golden One Equality learns to explore the greater things and be an independent person. First, Equality 7-2521 introduces himself, explaining his sins and the possible punishments he could get for it. The Teacher’s would constantly remind him of how the evil was in him, all for being taller than his brothers. When you would think badly you were forced to repeat “We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible and forever” (Rand 19). Everyone was taught to love and cherish their brothers because they were made as one and were all equal. Even though Equality knew he was different, he tried…show more content…
Letting him know exactly how she found him, by the broken circle of branches he had recently rolled around in. She speaks harshly “Your eyes are as a flame, but our brothers have neither hope not fire. We wish to be damned with you, rather than blessed with all our brothers” (Rand 83) The words she speaks are forbidden but they are her opinion, and all she wants is to be free. They are seen as the damned but feel the exact opposite. Together they want to find themselves and explore the things they were never taught. To put a little spicy and color into their “damned”
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