A Soldier's Journey Book Summary

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The book is a combination of stories told by children from the horn of Africa who are in refugee camps, mostly in Kenya. Many of them have had to flee their homes to seek refuge from their war-torn countries, traveling in atrocious conditions where they experienced hunger, first, and even death of loved ones (Relative, friends and acquaintances). This book is a very vivid, emotion field piece of literature. Through images and anecdotal stories, children express their fears, hopes, aspirations and needs. The book instructs the reader on the history of the countries facing the wars and put a human face to the sufferings caused by those wars. It chronicles the calamities and atrocities experienced by the children, at the same time, it celebrates and shares some lights on their lives as refugees and the culture they brought with them.…show more content…
As an example, one of the children wants to be doctor so he can help and save lives when he is able to one day go back to his home country, Somalia. At the same time, many of the children telling their stories hope to go to Europe or America where they feel they will be safe. This book provides a learning experience for the reader trough the words and the pictures, as well as the courage the children could master to communicate their experiences. It in a nutshell a valuable contribution towards the greater efforts to educate the world on what it means to be a refugee, especially a child refugee in today 's

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