Dennis Milroy A Son Finds His Way Analysis

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An article by Newsweek which was from September 22, 2008 called "A Son Finds His Way" by Dennis Milroy. It is about a man talking about what happen during his childhood. He explains that his parents were never there for him when he needed them. His parents were alcoholic but they never doubted their love for him and sister and certainly they were not abused. He did many things that got him into trouble but it was him to be blame for all his reckless behavior. He wanted discipline and guidance from his parents but never got it and that they both raised themselves. The parents and the son were both to be blamed. The article is about a man talking what happen during his childhood. He had alcoholic parents which made him and his older sister…show more content…
If they had given discipline to him he wouldn't do the stuff he did like steal their car and sneaking out. If they had given discipline there would had been consequence like being grounded or not giving him any cash for his needs. He may learn next time not to do it again because everybody doesn't like being discipline for all their bad action. I feel like majority of the blame goes to the parent because he was doing all this to seek attention from them which he never receive. It sounded like the parents didn't even care about him and his older sister because they are the one that raised themselves. If I were in his position I would had done things to seek for their attention but in a more positive ways because there are also lots of other stuff to seek their attention not just doing bad stuff. It was also his fault because he was seeking their attention from doing bad stuff rather than good stuff like not dropping out of school. I feel like when he said that the parents did their best raising them was wrong because in the article it said that "When my father arrived at the courthouse for the release hearing, the judge wouldn't let my father drive me home because Dad had shown up drunk." (53) Why would his dad show up drunk when he was going to be release from jail. He could had just not drink that
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