A Son Of A Mob Humor Analysis

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The novel “A Son Of A Mob” by Gordon Korman is about a teenage boy named Vince who lives in a irregular family. His dad is the most feared Mob boss in the town and his mom and brother are a part of the business. However, Vince doesn't want to deal with anything about business. The author uses high comedy and different elements of humor to convey the universal truth; follow your own path not others. For instance, when a writer is writing a humorous story one of the things they have to keep in mind is if their comedy is high or low to fit what they are writing about or the age group. Low comedy is used to make the audience laugh without having to think about the humor. In contrast, high comedy is used to make the audience think and dig deeper…show more content…
Soon enough, Vince goes off into his own path by starting off to buy his own car. As the author continues to spread the universal truth he mixes in different elements of humor. Such as, puns, one-lines, and hyperboles. For example, Vince explains how football practices take so long by saying, “ practice lasts a hundred hours a day.” this is a hyperbole because he is over exaggerating on how football practices takes a hundreds of hours when they are usually about one hour. Also, by joining the football team he is slowly finding his own motivation and following his own path. Overall, using different elements of humor is necessary, and the way the author of “Son of a mob” uses it are in a unique and dark way. In the end, by using humor the author is able to convey an momentous and serious universal truth while adding dark comedy. The universal truth was to follow your own path and not others, because Vince learns how to follow the path that he wants and not his family path of becoming a mobster, even though his father disapproves. Also, the author does an excellent job at using high comedy and different elements of humor to make the story appeal to an older audience, have a unique style of humor, and more
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