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Comparative Analysis of “A Song for You” and “The Canonization”
“A Song for You” is a song by Donny Hathaway. “The Canonization” is a poem by John Donne. The two texts are similar because they are both about a love. However, the song is about a more current time period, because it uses words that are easy to understand, and words we use today. The poem sounds like it is from many years ago, because it uses words like “chide”, which means scold, and words with ‘d, like “down’d” and “overflow’d”.
In “A Song for You”, the speaker is the person that is in love. He is telling the person that he is in love with how he feels. However, it appears that she has been hurt by the man. This is seen where he says, “I treated you unkindly but the world
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The speaker is telling how he didn’t show the woman he loves how he felt for a long time. However, now he wants this woman to know how he feels when he says, “There’s no one more important to me.” If it had been written now it would still come across the same way. “The Canonization” was written in the 1600’s, and it sounds like it by the words the speaker uses. He is talking to a friend who is putting his relationship down. He wants to know, “who’s injured by my love.” If this had been written now, it would probably be about different social classes.
The point of view in “A Song to Sing” and “The Canonization” are both from the marginalized perspective. In both texts, the speaker is trying to keep his love. This is seen in “A Song to Sing” when he says, “I love you in a place where there’s no space or time. I love you for my life.” It is seen in “The Canonization” when he says, “Call’s what you will, we are made such by love.” Both the poem and the song are about love. However, the speaker is trying to accomplish something different in each one. A Song for you is about a man trying to show the woman he loves her, and the poem seems to be about a love that is crossing social classes. Both of these texts would probably be looked at the same way by audiences
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