A Song Of Despair By Pablo Neruda Summary

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The title of the poem I had chosen to write a report is A Song Of Despair by Pablo Neruda. The date of its publication is unknown but it is publish in year 1924, it is his second literary work. As I had mentioned earlier, Pablo Neruda is the author of this masterpiece. First thing that come into our mind when we read the poem is that we will correlate the title with a very despair, gloomy or colloquially emo type of love poem. And the truth is that the speaker suffers quite severely since the lost of his love. The main character of this poem could be a Spanish man because this poem is originates from Espanyol and it translates into English because of the uniqueness of the poem produced from Pablo. For example, from line 3-4, Deserted like the wharves at dawn. It is the hour of departure, oh deserted one! From that couplets, we understood that he feels deserted and lonely. From the “deserted one” in Spanish it is called as abandonado. Word that ends with ‘o’ is used to describe a man as it is a masculine word meanwhile the feminine word is abandonada. The personal traits of the speaker is ambiguous and the poet do not reveal much of the speaker’s personal details such as his job, his outlook and status. But the dominant trait I can get from this poem is that he is a very emotional loving guy in terms of he is still loving his ex girlfriend even…show more content…
He unable to let go of her and expressed how important of her to him back and forth. He even described his loved one as the sea and he himself as the abandoned pier. She had eaten him up all the way. The speaker also remembers the happy time they had together before. Besides that, the whole thing is kind of sad and happy when the speaker remembers all the moments they had. The speaker concludes this poem as a lonely person and feeling hopeless in

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