Better Me Myself For The Ones I Love Analysis

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Bettering Myself for The Ones I Love According to, “Setting is created by language. How many or how few details we learn is up to the author. Many authors leave a lot of these details up to the reader's imagination”. I do agree that authors purposely leave out details, so the reader is able to form their own opinion and be creative within guidelines. To some readers, they may think they are reading the story a certain way and not realize there is more than one “correct answer”. Depending on the readers experiences, thoughts, and beliefs, it persuades them as an individual and when it comes to reading. Setting is also another way for the reader to have visuals of what they think is going on and can further allow the reader to get a better grasp and understanding on the material being read. Not only does setting affect the reader but it also affects the characters as well. Just like humans, if a person gets caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, it can go poorly for them; same goes to characters. For example, people who have fought in war can very well have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which results into…show more content…
In the story, “A Sorrowful Woman” by Gail Godwin, the wife whose name is unknown, changes how she acts depending on her setting and where she is throughout the story…show more content…
Almost like a play, because you are able to visualize so much of the story which really benefits the reader. Over time people change for the better or for the worse. Some situations people get put in, allows them to react and act a certain way, but it is up to them to decide which way they want to act. In the story, “A Sorrowful Woman” by Gail Godwin, the wife and mother in the story had to go through a hard time to realize that she needed to change her way and become a better wide, mother, and overall a better
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