Essay On Short Story Endings

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Are story endings essential? How can endings affect our story? Endings are anticipated by the reader, it’s the readers aim while reading any story. Without the ending the reader would feel confused, lost and maybe even frustrated because the story is left at the falling action, which contains all the suspense. Endings wrap up the story, leaving the reader thinking and imagining, in some other stories, leaving the reader surprised and shocked. They leave the last impression on the reader, either liking the story or maybe even hating it. Therefore, they play a huge role in the readers’ opinion of the story (1). The endings in the stories ‘A Sound of Thunder’ and ‘After Twenty Years’ are important, different yet similar at the same time. The ending of the story ‘A Sound of Thunder’…show more content…
They both conclude the stories interestingly. However, In my opinion the ending in the story ‘After Twenty Years’ is more interesting because it has a great shock factor to it. It definitely is an unpredictable ending. Compared to ‘A Sound of Thunder’ the author foreshadows the events that may occur in the ending, which takes away from the excitement of the reader to reach the ending. In the story ‘After Twenty Years’ it is clear that it has a style of a very well-written ending as it successfully reaches its purpose, which is not only shocking and surprising the readers but also satisfying and giving closure to them. Furthermore, this ending describes a person’s great loyalty to his work and respect towards the law, even though it interferes with his friendship and he couldn’t arrest his friend himself, yet he did find a way to do so in respect of the law and his job. Finally, I personally find the ‘surprise ending’ a lot more interesting and successful in short stories since it pulls the reader closer to the events and makes the reader rethink about all the events in the
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