A Sound Of Thunder Vs Being Prey Analysis

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What if mistakes lead to deadly situations and life could turn to death? In both “A Sound of Thunder” and “Being Prey” the main characters are lead into deadly situations and their lives could be taken. Both of these main characters have problems leading to a deadly problem. Each of the main characters, both were put into situations where their lives could be taken from them. These stories have similarities and differences of the main characters and their circumstances that led them into a deadly situation. The setting shows numerous examples of similarities and differences between each of the stories “A Sound of Thunder” and “Being Prey.” For example, in “A Sound of Thunder” it takes place in a prehistoric jungle and in “Being Prey” takes place in present day marsh. Each of the stories in the setting are untouched by humans which means no humans have ever stepped foot there. Although the stories both have a predator they aren’t the same predator. In “A Sound of Thunder” the predator is a T-Rex in the story it says “A Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrant Lizard…” In “Being Prey” the predator is a crocodile in the story it says “The current’s too swift, and if you get into trouble, there are the crocodiles.” Both of these…show more content…
This is the theme because in each of the stories, both main characters do the smallest of things which lead something bad happen to both of them. In A Sound of Thunder Eckel did the tiniest thing by stepping on a butterfly and he changed the whole future. On page 99 it stats how Travis shot Eckel’s because of his one mistake. In Being Prey Plumwood decided to go out on the water even though it was a bad day even though she had a feeling that something was watching her. On page 101 it talks about Plumwood going out on the canoe knowing she had a weird feeling. In both of these stories the theme had a big impact, even on the main
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