A Southern Woman Describe The Hardship Of War Essay

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Name of Document: A Southern Woman Describes the Hardship of War - 1862
A. List four things the author said that you think are important: 1.The townspeople fears the fact that the southerns will lose the town. 2. Laura and other southerns didn’t expect to see the Union invade Tennessee so quickly. 3.All communication with the brother will be lost if the Union captures their town. 4. People are giving up already by waving tiny white flag, but someone stripped it down.
B. Why do you think this document was written?
This document was written to show how the progress of the Union was a shock to the southerners. The south had lost some forts but the progression of the Union into southern territory caused mayhem. It caused rumors to be spread
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“We heard that our forces were going to surrender Nashville without a fight, and we knew if they took that place we were gone too, but we heard that Davis had sent word for them to hold it at any hazards and he would send them as many troops as they wanted, so I am every day expecting to hear of your being at Nashville.” During times of war it is uncertain on which information to trust. It could be possible that the Union army will come but with the lack of presence they could of turned around. Communication would be rather hard during these times, with the armies on both sides cutting communication once they have captured a town. If they had a hard time to travel then the truth verses the rumors would have mixed and the integrity of the information was put on the line. So with this, it questions the people’s faith in their war side. It causes them to do crazy thing and worry about loved ones who they many not ever see again.

D. List two things the document tells you about life in the United States at the time it was written.
1. The war was heading towards the south. This weakens the spirit of both soldiers and southern supporters.
2.The war was only in the second year. The war will worsen but this is only the beginning.
E. Write a question to the author that is left unanswered by the document.
Why not flee when war is very close to home? Is it to not show fear but yet you hide everything out of
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