A Space Odyssey: Movie Analysis

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Stanley Kubrick has an impressive resume of movies that he has blessed audiences with over the years. From The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, and Full Metal Jacket, his movies have reached critical acclaim. One film changed the entire outlook for the future of the science fiction genre with Kubrick’s 2001, A Space Odyssey. This space and time thriller left audiences blown away and slightly confused do to story the film illustrated. The themes 2001, A Space Odyssey presents are human evolution and the perils that come with it. The film opens with the words “The Dawn of Man” across the screen and then leads audiences on an existential journey through the evolution of mankind. Evolution is the broader point of the film and can be seen throughout each setting the film has. It starts off with early man, and moves on to more modern man, and eventually ends with a final stage in evolution for humankind. Evolution is the main theme of…show more content…
Hal is artificial intelligence at its finest because he is unable to make mistakes. Hals job on the space vessel Discovery 1, is to run virtually everything on the ship and assist the human astronaut David and the rest of the discovery’s crew with task. The remarkable thing about Hal is that he denies he is capable of error but develops emotions that drive him to kill off most of the crew. In this moment Hal delivers a very arrogant quote by saying with a soothing tone, “I don 't want to insist on it, Dave, but I am incapable of making an error” (2001, A Space Odyssey). The end of Hal is by the hands of the hero astronaut David, and Hal admits to his recent errors and ends up begging for his life. Although Hal claims to be perfect and is artificial intelligence, Hal developed emotions, made critical error, and begged for his life. Kubrick shows the audience a reverse advancement of evolution through his A.I.
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