A Speech Of The Ocean Speech: Ocean Life

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Prepared Individual Speech 1: Ocean Life Imagine yourself standing at the beach feeling the sand between your toes and hearing the whooshing sounds of the waves crashing up against the shoreline, combined with the sound of birds and the smell of salt slowing inching its way up your nose. This would be my most ideal place to be because since I was young I have loved the ocean. I love the ocean’s atmosphere and I love the beach and everything that has to do with marine life. I love how the ocean is such a mysterious place and stretches across the horizon as far as you can see. An ocean is like an endless expanse of wonder, radiating with it 's vastness. There’s something about water that draws and fascinates us. For starters, ocean plankton contribuates to more than half of our planet’s oxygen and the ocean covers up to 70 percent of the earths surface and it remains relatively unknown to mankind. We are all drawn to water whether it be hearing it, playing in it, surfing, walking next to it, swimming, fishing, writing about it, photgraphing it, or creating lasting memories along its edge we are all at one point drawn to the ocean, But how much do we actually think we know? Lets get one thing staright, the Ocean is one of the least inhospitable places to live in because it very cold, very dark plus it has a pressure of 1000 times greater than what 's found on the surface. The Ocean is known to be the home of many interesting organisms. The Ocean is home to over 1 million
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