Outline To Hate Speech

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Hate Speech

What exactly is hate speech and is it protected by the Constitution? I hope to answer these questions and many more that I have concluded from fact and maybe a little theory. My only goal is to educate those who don’t know and look to learn.

I. What is hate speech?

A. Well according to amerca.org "Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits."

B. Hate speech is not hate crime. Hate crime is a crime usually, an act of violence towards people of different race, someone with a disability, religion, or sexual orientation, as said from report-it.com. Hate crime is much different, because hate speech is just a stated opinion
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Is it ok to ignore or not listen to someone's opinion? Where yes, you have the right to speak your opinion in whatever manner you see fit, everyone else has that same right. Although, according to "dearkidlovemom.com," whatever opinion they have you don’t have to listen to, you can simple just ignore them or leave the room or area that they're in. However, I wouldn’t recommend this. Ignoring someone is ignoring an opportunity of education, how else will you learn what everyone wants and find the best solution to everyone's problems if you're not even willing to hear what they have to say.

V. Is there any form of speech that is illegal?

A. Yes, there are quite a few forms of speech that is illegal. For example, it is illegal to incite a riot. One who intentionally incites a riot of which has caused property

damage of up to $1,500 dollars is a felony and the one who incited the riot will be charged with no defense of the first amendment.

B. Another form of speech that is not protected by the constitution is threats. If someone threatens someone else, they can be sued and arrested. Threats aren't protected, because threats are usually followed with violence, stealing, murder, or any other kind of illegal activity.

C. Heckling is another form of speech that isn't protected. Although it's not illegal it's usually restricted, because heckling is the action of interrupt a speech or a speaker, because one doesn’t agree with what they're
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