A Stick Between Friends Analysis

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Life teaches you many lessons before you realize what they are. They help shape you in a person you’d be proud of becoming, consequently, at such a young age. Stephen D. Chennualt writes “A Stick Between Friends” about a sixteen year old boy who agrees to go smoke weed with his friend Willie. Chennualt presents a common case of peer pressure but aslso showcases that it could be more that just that The story is based in Detroit in 60s and 70s. Everyone knows that around that time, drugs were on the rise and people were so free-spirited. The area where they were going to smoke isn’t that safe either. It was on the corner of Pingree and 12th without a light on in the dingy apartment. His mom told him “You stay ‘way from those boys who smoke that dope. This neighborhood’s become full of that kinda stuff now. I heard that just the other day the police caught some teenage boys up on 12th street marijuana.” (223). He was…show more content…
That started to scare him more. Eventually, he decided he didn’t want to try it all. He told Willie he would go to Big Mama’s to have a hot sausage and wait for him there. Willie didn’t protest for him stay but just said ok. As he was leaving, he hesitated for a moment. He was leaving Willie to smoke weed in a strange house with a strange man, but he remebered that he would be.
Chennault showed many lessons in “A Stick Between Friends”. When it comes to parenting and teaching your kid right from wrong, you don’t need to hover over then and keep close attention to them to make sure they do it. Nine times out of ten, what you said will remain in their minds. In the sense of peer pressure, you have to remember that at the end of the day, you are the one making the descisions. Just because your friend does something does not mean you have to as well. If you have big plans for youself and what your friends are doing might affect that, it’s best to not try
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