A Stick Between Friends Short Story

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Throughout life we are faced with many challenges that make us stop and think whether or not this is the right or wrong decision. Although these decisions can be minor in retrospect to our whole lives, they can still play a major factor on what or who we become as an individual. In "A Stick between Friends" by Stephen D. Chennault, our narrator faces many challenges that relate to our current problems in today 's society. Chennault 's story takes place in the sixties when drugs became a major factor in young adult 's lives. This issue is ever so present now as it was back then, and it is forcing kids to make certain decisions and question their friendships with certain people. The temptation to try "new things" such as drugs are probably on the mind of kids today just like how it was on the mind of our narrator in a "Stick between Friends." There are young adults out there that want to achieve their goals like our narrator, but they stray away from the right path because their friendships are causing them to try things they are not comfortable with. As we go through life, we face many challenges like where we grow up, friendships, temptation, and achieving our goals that will transform us in the man or woman we want to become. It is clear that the story takes place in bad part of Detroit based on the reference to "the dingy apartment house on the corner of Pingree and 12th." (Chennault 223) Due to this fact, the narrator faced many challenges such as being afraid to walk

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