A Stir Of Echoes Movie Analysis

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Hypnosis is a topic widely discussed throughout society. There are many different points of view on it, whether it’s a battle between its existence, or a debate on the pros and cons associated with it. One can say it’s amazing; the fact that one can potentially read the lives of others. One may differ and find the idea disgusting, taking into consideration the privacy invasion. There is an interesting book written exactly on the consequences of hypnosis, called “A Stir of Echoes,” by Richard Matheson. A young man named Tom suffers an act of hypnosis which leads him onto hallucinating a young woman and feeling excruciating pain. A movie is also based off of it, but it drastically differs from the original book. The plot holds a large difference,…show more content…
There is a similar storyline, actors fit to play certain roles, and similar dialogue. This pair however, differentiates in all three categories. Some may think to themselves how the storyline could differ, but it sure does. The novel holds a story, in which Tom hallucinates and sees a young woman after an act of hypnosis done by his brother-in-law. The woman is actually “the other mistress” in the life of Tom’s neighbor, named Helen. Now Helen is killed by her older sister, being subject to a relationship with her brother-in-law. Her older sister Elizabeth, even says “It was al-always open season on men for her. Always. Any man. Any one. Even husbands, any husband.” Of course, she is referring to her won husband, already prone to flirt with other women. It is here that everything unravels, and the story soon comes to a “happy” ending. As for the hallucinating, Helen was giving messages specifically to Tom, solely because he is the current owner of her house. However, turning on the television and watching the film, depicts a brand new situation. Some may feel that changes are made because of entertainment purposes, but that’s not the case. The movie is legitimately made into a different storyline, for all we know, another reason. It goes a little something like this. Tom again has an act of hypnosis done, but by his sister-in-law. The story goes on, and Tom hallucinates a woman, but then comes the twist. The woman, names Samantha in the movie, is actually an innocent victim. Samantha is accidentally thrown into a construction hole, after being sexually assaulted by two nearby neighbors. The entire scene of her death is shown, not described in the novel. Samantha is completely innocent, and this time around, the sister of a babysitter used by Tom’s son. So of course, there are many discrepancies with this story, but the novel portrays a much better version.
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