A Stolen Life Analysis

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Fighting to survive, struggling with fear, and facing loneliness is just a few faces of reality people face when kidnaped. Jaycee Dugard’s A Stolen Life illustrates what it's like to be held captive for eighteen years and being abused repeatedly but surviving. Dugard informs the reader about the life that she lived while being held captive. Dugard enables the reader to feel, see, and experience what life was like for her in those eighteen years. Throughout the novel Dugard delivers the facts about being kidnaped and being scared from her experiences which is effectively eye opening, the language that Dugard uses really connects with the audience. Dugard uses her own life experience to deliver the message of how she was abducted by Carl (Carl is the person that held her hostage), and that it could happen to anyone. In the…show more content…
Dugard’s descriptions allow the readers to really feel empathetic towards her. Dugard way of explaining in every single detail what was done to her really tugs at your heartstrings, “He forces my legs open and inserts the hard thing between his legs in me. It feels like I am being stretched apart. I feel like it's going to come out of my belly... He just takes hold of my legs and shoves them further apart...(31) I am screaming NO I AM NOT OKAY... GET OFF OF ME!(32). The words that Dugard uses paints a picture, it can be seen and felt what is being done to her with with the words that she uses. This was the first time that Dugard was raped. Sad to say it was not her last. The facts from her life experiences are very compelling and clearly asserts that any of this could happen to anyone at any time in their life. It is moving and very convincing about the facts that Dugard gives out. Readers get an inside look on what happens in an every day life of a person being held captive. In one year in America 258,115 kids are abducted from their families and they could never be found. Merkel
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