A Story Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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A story Enrique 's Journey written by Sonia Nazario is a book about a boy on his Journey to the united states. On Enrique’s Journey, he comes to a point where he has to make a tough decision between staying in the united states and going back to Honduras. Enriques dilemma is that he has just as many reasons to go back to Honduras as he does to stay in the united states. One example of Enrique wanting to stay in the United States seen when Enrique finally sees his mother “ He Jumps squarely onto the bed next to her he gives her a hug then a kiss“ (Nazario 190). Enrique wants to stay in the united states because of many reasons because there’s better job’s, less gang’s, better pay, fewer drugs, has a stepsister Diana and his mother in the united
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