A Story Of A Short Story

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This story is not for the faint of heart nor for the ones who accept just what they can see or for the ones who fear the unknown. I have seen things that some will say is nothing but absurd. Things that are hard to swallow. In fact, they are so indescribable that I don 't know where can I start. But I 'll do my best to tell you something incredible that happen to me 16 years ago when I was but a child. I had spent the day at my friend Tommy 's house as I normally did every Saturday. As always, we played to our heart 's content in his backyard making stories and talking about the big adventures we had. If I remember well, that day Tommy had almost caught a dragon, but he was very upset cause it got away in the last second. We schemed about how he was going to capture it next time. The sky, pitch black with the stars as lanterns, made me feel at ease and comfortable yet I felt awe at the thought of the vastness it had. And then, a bright flash appeared in the sky hiding away the millions of stars together with a faint sound that I couldn 't make at that moment. It looked like if a shooting star had fallen to the earth. Just ten times bigger and brighter. Then, we just looked at each other and with innocence just thought it was but a mere firework, and we carry on with our grand plans. Little did I know... oh, little did I know. "Time to go Jack!", Tommy 's mom screamed from inside of the house. "Your mom just called and she doesn 't want you to get home late, ok?" "Alright,

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