A Story Of My Life: A Short Story

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My story I am going to do it without hatred or resentment but rather with love for the family of Aunt Esther and uncle Samuel that in 1944 received us and since then they loved us as their children and I do so with gratitude to all those people who with their love and courage and generosity helped us to escape from the Nazis Possibly my memory cannot recall each and every one of the situations we live but I will do the effort to awaken the "hidden child" who live within it, and thus little by little, call out all those happy, sad, and painful memories, filled with fear and anguish of that time .The biggest fear I had was being unable to fulfill the promise made to my mother to protect Leah and Jacob and never separate from them and against all the odds reach Geneva The Happy Days It was the summer of 1939 I was 9 years old and we lived in Paris .That summer came my aunt Ester, my mother older sister to visit us from Switzerland, with her husband, the uncle Samuel and my cousins, Aaron and Joseph. We lived with my grandparents, my mother 's parents. My grandfather’s name was Elijah who all called The Patriarch. My grandmother’s name was Miriam and we lovingly called her Nanou. Our apartment was on the Rue des Francs Bourgeois in the 4th district of Paris, one block from the Rue des Rosiers in the Jewish quarter of Paris. The apartment was in a very old building, but had the advantage that the pieces were big also had large windows through which sunlight entering
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