A Story That Tears Us Apart Rhetorical Analysis

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Title: A Story That Tears Us Apart Thesis: This paper will argue that the single story is dangerous as it can lead to a wrong interpretation. Topic Sentence 1: If there is only one source of information to rely on, it's unreliable. Quote Sandwich 1: In her Ted Talk "The Danger of a Single Story", Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie describes a personal experience of when the single story led her to a false interpretation of someone. Adichie explains, "It had not occurred to me that anybody in his family could actually, make something. All I heard about them was how poor they were...Their poverty was my single story of them." Determining an opinion of anyone with such little information, the single story, leads to an unfair judgement. This is the type of judgement that strips someone of their identity and into one that is less favorable, an untrue…show more content…
Smalarz reflects, "I honestly could not believe it. I really thought he was going to punch one of us. And all we asked him to do was to stop yelling “CRUSH him” at a 4th grade boys soccer game... Of course there were people saying, 'What an ____!'...But I also heard 'Wow, I hope he just had a really, really bad day.'...as Brene Brown shares when she talks about the Anatomy of Trust, when we are BRAVING, the “I” stands for integrity and that includes doing what’s right and not fast, easy or fun." Anger and frustration are not an excuse to misunderstand someone's identity. There is not just a single story about others, but about you as well as me. If we are quick to judge, what does that say about our story? By coming to a misinterpreted conclusion about another, we ourselves become labeled as a false interpreter, damaging our character. If we are quick to give a label for someone's identity, it will as well ruin their
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