A Stranger Among Us Analysis

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Different cultures, differents communications but as well different emotions, background and history. Those are just a couple of examples of what intercultural communication can consist of and of what it can be driven by. The book A Stranger Among Us is a book written by several authors, where the stories are from different cultural backgrounds. The stories go from politics, to economy, but as well history and medicine for examples. All these stories are as simple as they can be, but the main idea is about the cultures in each stories and what these cultures can create as an misunderstanding in communication. These topics are the center of this essay, the first story is called SHOES, this story is about a young boy whose grandfather died during the Holocaust, the second story called Slave Driver was written by Wanda Coleman, this story is taking place in a hospital between a group of Eastern European men and an African-American woman doctor. The last story that will be analyzed and compared is The Way Love Works written by, Mary Yukari Waters and is settled in…show more content…
Even though they are very different cultures, these conflicts will be still be the same and still will be as long a the people do not respect others point of views or try to understand them. These situation will become normal and no one will see a difference in a normal conversation and a conversation that has crossed lines. We can conclude that these stories have more things and topics in common than differences. Intercultural communication is a very difficult topic that has many theories that explain communication in different cultures and why they communicate this way. People do not realize nowadays that communication is our most important and precious tool for our existence. In conclusion we can say that communication is the easiest way for our living but as well the
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