A Streetcar Named Desire Comparative Essay

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Literature and film go hand in hand. They both have themes, characters, plots and tragedies. Although they are similar, one you can hold in your hand, and the other you just view on a screen. Literature is a special thing because you can picture what you think is happening. You can picture the setting, the characters, how each shot has a certain angle. All of these things can be found in A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams the play, and in A Streetcar Named Desire by Elia Kazan, the film. Although both are based off of one play, they are named the same and have similar elements, both the film and the play A Streetcar Named Desire differ in the way the characters looked and the overall ending. One similarity between the play and the film is that in both Blanche eventually goes crazy. When Blanch arrives you notice something is off, she sees Stella and almost immediately after say “well aren’t you looking well…show more content…
My ideas turned out to be far different then the play. Take Stella for example: the play talked her up to be this beautiful housewife with a nicer home then she had. Although in the play, her home was terrible looking and so was she. I may have thought Stella was supposed to be beautiful because Blanche was mesmerized with Stanley and described how attractive he is. I guess I picture an attractive Stanley with an even more attractive Stella. Mitch was also different to what I had pictured. He came off to me as a jerk who just wanted love, but wanted it with a pretty young girl who would put up with all of his malarkey. This is not how he was in the film. He had an innocent face and attractive body. He was okay with dating an older woman, but did not anticipate how much lying Blanche was actually going to do. Mitch was supposed to be a slob, but he turned out to be a nice
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