A Streetcar Named Desire Monologue Analysis

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Blanche’s Monologue The passage cited from “A Streetcar Named Desire” reveals the uncommon aspects of her character: the ideal notion of love and seething desire within herself, sexual struggle and conflict, pretentiousness of the ‘grand’ lady and the financially strained woman. It seems like Blanche’ ranting toward Stella but it actually likes Blanche talks to herself. First of all, after yesterday’s poker game, drunken Stanley cruelly abused Stella in public. However, Stanley’s sweet words and frank actions persuade Stella to forgive him, go back home, and spend the night with him. On the one hand, Blanche cannot understand why Stella decides to tolerate Stanley’s violent behaviors. Through her monologue, Blanche articulates a sign of dissatisfaction, deeply horror, and fear due to Stanley’s propensity for violence. On the other hand, she desires to get ideal love and passion like Stella. Therefore, her monologue covers a little jealousy “And you – you here – waiting for him! Maybe he’ll strike you or maybe grunt and kiss you! That is, if kisses have been discovered yet”. She wants to be took good care and respected. However, Stanley’s behaviors cannot meet her ideal notion of love so leads sexual struggle and conflict. Secondly, Blanche finds that she is only an outsider of Stella’s life without her past family position. She exhorts Stella to leave beastly Stanley but Stella does not mind. Blanche does not have the power of discourse and her suggestion is unheard and
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