A Streetcar Named Desire Reality Essay

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Would one rather accept reality- death, sickness, loneliness- or explore a pretend world of happy endings? Tennessee Williams’ exceptional play, “A Streetcar Named Desire” brilliantly showcases the struggle to accept reality through all the loss and sadness rather than imaginary happiness. Blanche tries to wash away her past and hide her present from her family and Mitch, all while Stella ignores the truths of their dysfunctional marriage, and Mitch is struggling with the inevitable death of his mother. Throughout the play, the ugly truth is overlooked and replaced by a string of beautiful lies. “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams portrays the inability to accept reality rather than the imaginary through Blanche’s past and present,…show more content…
Stella devotes herself to Stanley and his every move. (Pg. 6) This is represented in the first scene of the play when Stanley throws the package of meat towards her and she catches it gleefully, symbolizing her unwavering dedication to him. (Pgs. 40-42) On the other hand, Stanley abuses her physically when he is drunk, however she always goes back to him. Similarly, Stanley plants information into Stella, until she nearly savaged her relationship with Blanche. (Page 96) This is shown when Blanche has confided to Stella about the rape and rather than consider believing her, she believes Stanley because of all the supposed lies Blanche has told and her abnormal devoutness to her husband. “I couldn’t believe her story and go on living with Stanley!” –Stella Kowalski. Stella encompasses the glory of delusion when involved in a dysfunctional marriage. Secrets, lies, and fear form the foundation of Blanche and Mitch’s relationship. First of all, Blanche is particularly interested in Mitch, not only because of his appearance or wealth, but because he is a way for her to escape Stanley and find love. (Pg. 67) On the other hand, Mitch is forming this relationship, and possible marriage, out of fear of being alone and worrying his mother. “She won’t live long. She wants me to be settled down before she-.”- Harold Mitchell.
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