A Streetcar Named Desire Summary

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8. Why is Mr. Norton’s enthusiasm for his daughter so strange to the narrator? Mr. Norton speaks about his daughter like she is something that he admires so deeply that he can 't seem to get enough of her which comes off as strange to the narrator because this is a The narrator is surprised by Mr. Norton 's enthusiasm for his daughter because he doesn 't see how she stands out. He 's surprised because in society she would be viewed "as ordinary as an expensive piece of machine-tooled jewelry and just as lifeless." That description of her goes against the way Mr. Norton describes her, which is as a "perfect creation" and "a delicate flower that bloomed in the liquid light of the moon." Those descriptions of her make it seem that her beauty is…show more content…
Norton has experienced before and this was hinted at by his previous comment. 10.What makes the sleeping farmer “the kind of man [that the narrator fears]”? The sleeping farmer is something that the narrator fears because they could "wake up." Somebody who is a sleeping farmer is someone who doesn 't seem racist from the exterior but once they come across the narrator or any black man, their inner racism is exposed which is why they are "sleeping.". They are dangerous because they may come across as someone the narrator could trust and confide in, when in fact they a deeply racist and against him. 11. What is the tone that Trueblood uses to tell the story of his incest? As Mr. Trueblood tells his story, his tone is reflective but also quizzical. He tells his story of incest as if he were reading it from a pre-printed novel; it 's very rehearsed since he 's told it an abundance of times. However, he seems like he gets amusement by telling it and knows that whoever he tells it to will become captivated. He always uses the story to try to portray his innocence and connect with the people he tells. He reflects on his wrongdoings but in a way that is lighthearted and makes someone so shocked they almost can 't help but feel a little bad
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