A Streetcar Named Desire Value Essay

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What are values? What values were you raised with? What values were friends raised with? Are they the same or different? Everyone you know has different value, you might have some values that are similar, but never the exact same. Values are a person’s principles, it’s ones reasoning for what’s important in life. In Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire each and everyone of the characters has an extremely diverse list of values. Throughout this play, it’s really easy to see the difference in values that the characters hold to them selves. Every action shown and every word spoken by blanch and Stanly are evidence if the values held by each character. Every individual has their own set of values. Take Stanly and Blanch for example; their personalities may vary but in the end their values are not so far apart. In my opinion Blanches most important values are, her physical appearance, illusion of reality, and her…show more content…
All thought there may be two opposite side to the coin their values are generally similar to each other. They both have different ways of showing these two characteristic but each character’s values represent both drama and intensity. All of blanches values are based off of an illusion of the reality she so desperately wants. Based on that Stanly is the complete opposite of that because he is a realist, this is probably one of the main reasons why the two of them don’t get along. He wants the facts and the truth, wear as blanch likes to be told what she wants to hear rather than the truth. A great example of this is when Blanch says “I don’t want realism. I want magic.” (2204) This really shows how in denial blanch is about the real world. How ever abusive Stanly is he still loves Stella no matter what. Stanly does everything to the extreme, his personality is extremely consist trough out the entire play where as Blanches fluctuates. She is delusional always seems to be off in her own little
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