A Struggle For Identity In Elie Wiesel's Book

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In this part of the book, it really shows how people were stripped of their identities. Their personal belongings, clothing, and even their hair. They cut off people 's hair so everyone was identical; men and women, they all looked the same. The German’s even numbered each person’s arm like an animal in a barn. Everything that makes a person who they are is taken away from them. The concentration camp slowly takes Ellie’s humanity away from him too. When his father was struck, he just stood there and did nothing. “... I had not even blinked. I had watched and kept silent.” He was helpless, if he helped his father he would get hurt too, but watching his own father get beat is just too cruel. I could picture Ellie as he watched his father getting…show more content…
The system was designed to turn victim against victim, as the prisoner functionaries were pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the favor of their SS guards. Did one volunteer to become one? Did you beat other prisoners? If so you would have to beat your family and friends just to save yourself from the labor and…show more content…
Though Ellie was going through a totally different situation, it reminded me of my childhood. Also when I read the part about smoke coming out of the chimney, it made me remember the book The boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I thought about he the innocent child who was killed because the war. Like the rest of the millions people who whose death were the result of the nazi ideology. If everyone looked the same in the world, how would that help solve the problems of the world? There would be the same conflict as there now. Also overtime people will start having different colors of skin, hair, and eyes. The genetics and climate will start to change
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