A Struggle In Aron Ralston's Epic Adventure

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Aron Ralston’s Epic Adventure Aron Ralston was trapped for nearly five days in the remote in Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon. An 800 pound boulder avalanched down the walls of the canyon, leaving him helplessly pinned down by his right arm. Ralston faced a difficult choice that all of us pray to be spared: a life changing decision. Drastic measures would be needed. The only way he could free himself from the boulder’s grip, he had realized, was by amputating his trapped arm. Aron Ralston is a hero to many people in many different ways. He means many different things to many people: motivational speaker, celebrity and inspiration. After the harrowing accident he wrote a best-seller titled "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" and also became a motivational speaker. Aron shared the important life lessons of relationships during those 127 hours of survival with more than 3,000 marketers during his keynote speech at Connections 2011. Moving many to tears and everyone to their feet by the time he…show more content…
They think cutting your arm off to save your life isn’t a hero figure. They think anyone can go through something like that and then write a book about it and become a motivational speaker to people to never give up because the future holds great things. You become a hero from your actions in life. Therefore, as you can see Aron has made a tremendous impact on people 's lives by coming out and telling his story and sharing with people never to back down in situations that are unbearable to think about. Aaron’s story could have had a very different ending if he had not chosen to act with courage and do the unthinkable. I am sure during the incident he would have never dreamed it would have lead to writing a book, motivational speaking or being classified as a hero. While there are those that doubt what he did was an act of heroism, in my opinion he is an inspiration and

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