A Student Shany Sun's Argument In Favor Of Animal Testing

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Every ten seconds, an animal will be abused. One form of animal abuse that is still debated today is animal testing. Can animal experimentation really be considered abuse? Millions of animals each year are used for biomedical research across the country. But, animal testing may not be as safe as many may have originally considered. Those in favor of testing argue that animal testing increases the longevity of humanity and is a pioneer for medical research. Opponents propose safer alternative solutions, and reveal the inhumane aspects of animal testing. But, which side has a more persuasive argument? A student Shany Sun from Lynbrook High, discusses in her article, “The truth behind animal testing,” the overall benefits associated with…show more content…
After Sun reassures readers that the animals are completely safe and pain-free, she is able to reinforce how animal testing is beneficial through sound research. “The truth behind animal testing,” explains how specific discoveries such as insulin, blood transfusions, penicillin, so on and so forth have been unearthed because of animal testing. Today, many people can relate to these medical advances because they are so commonly used in hospitals and the medical field. Sun’s research even introduces multiple cases where animal testing was successful. One such case included Charles Chamberland who was able to find a vaccine for both cholera and anthrax through animal experimentation with little harm to the chickens he was testing. Contrastingly, Sun compares how alternative solutions would be detrimental for the evolution of research and development of current medical conditions. By finding strong, well supported cases, and appealing to a more logical side, Sun is able to persuade many readers in favor of animal…show more content…
But, German organization, ZEBET, specifically dedicates themselves to replacing, refining, and reducing animal testing. ZEBET has discovered safer alternative solutions without the aid and suffering of animals. One such technique discovered was, “in vitro models… three-dimensional tissue reconstruction models….” (Liebsch, et al. 844). This would provide full skin and other organ models to conduct testing techniques. Essentially, this method would be able to provide the same results if using an animal model instead, despite it being more labor intensive, at least it wouldn’t have to be ethically

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