A Success Story: A Celebration Of Success

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A Celebration of Success Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Our dreams are the beginning of the story that is yet to be written. Though this dream may seem premature or maybe even a little crazy, this dream becomes the focal point of our story. Throughout t his narrative, we encounter conflicts and speed bumps that threaten our dream. But this doesn’t keep us from writing our story. So, we take our pen and keep on writing a few more words until we reach the end of our story. We keep on writing until our story has become a success story. Your success story can start anywhere at anytime. You could be a child experiencing the Olympics for the first time and realizing that your story starts on the tennis court, or you could be a college student attending a play and realizing that your narrative starts on the stage. Once you find the first chapter of your story, always remember that the power to write your own narrative lies within you. In fact, within your very hands, you can write your way to success if and only if you can defeat the villains in your story. There is always going to be someone who will want to burn the pages of your success. You can either succumb to your villain or you can stand up to your villain and write them out of your story. Every success story takes grit and persistence to reach its conclusion. We all need some inspiration, whether it be from a professional athlete or your

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