A Successful Teacher

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Teaching is a noble profession. Every experienced teacher, once started as a beginning teacher. Beginning teachers are regarded as the brand new asset to the profession. Beginning teachers need to invest more effort to become a successful teacher. For example, I will seek feedbacks from my senior teachers on my lesson plans and teaching styles and improvise myself from it. When I start teaching as a beginning teacher, I will firstly focus on the key attributes, “Every student, an Engaged Learner” and “Every teacher, a Caring Educator”. I believe that by mastering this key attributes, it will allow me to be a confident teacher to face other challenges. Teachers face challenges in playing a significant role in shaping a student’s character by leading, caring and inspiring them, which presents an excellent platform for students to engage in learning and cultivate values, such as responsibility. “Every student, an Engaged Learner” regardless of their background or their learning ability. My focus will be instilling knowledge and love for the subject. I will make effort to learn about my student’s interest and linked it to my lessons making it joyful and engaging. By doing so, I reaffirm that the content that I am teaching…show more content…
By caring and being friendly, I will build a positive teacher-student relationship which promotes cooperation during lessons. Research shows, positive relationship with students build an emotionally positive classroom climate where students show respect to teachers and peers (Glick, 2011). However, I might face challenges when students take advantage on my friendliness. They might be rude when they communicate with me forgetting that I am their teacher. To overcome this challenge, I must establish friendliness and firmness simultaneously to show the separation between my students and
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